What are the immigration requirements for hiring a foreign domestic (DH)?

Immigration Requirements are:-

  • Both Husband and Wife should be under employment or business owner
  • Combined minimum annual income of RM36,000.00 for Indonesian or Cambodian or Vietnam maids, RM60,000.00 for Filipino maids.

What are the reasons I can hire a foreign maid for?

  • Child care (below 15 year old)
  • Care of aged or sick elderly
  • Own care (if sick or handicapped)

What are the documents required to apply for a DH?

For husband & wife:-

  1. Either latest Borang B or BE copy, or e-filing copy and tax payment receipt
  2. Copy of latest 3 months salary slips
  3. Original Letter from employer confirmed date of employment, designation and monthly income.
  4. NRIC copy (front & back)
  5. Passport sized colour photo
  6. Copy of Marriage certificate
  7. Copy of child’s birth certificate (below 15 year old)
  8. If hire maid to take care of elderly, provide:-
    • birth certificate
    • Original medical certificate from Hospital or Specialist
  9. If address in NRIC is not latest address, provide utility bill (water or electric bill) as proof of address

How long will it take to bring in a foreign DH to Malaysia?

Usually it takes approximately 60 days for a DH to come to Malaysia; however it is subject to government rules and regulations of both countries from time to time.

How many DH an employer is eligible for?

Generally one. However 2nd or thereafter maid application is subjected to Immigration approval based on individual’s need and qualification.

How long is the initial employment contract and is extendable for how many years?

Initial contract signed between employer & DH is 2 years and extension thereafter is subjected to mutual agreement between employer and the DH as well as local government rules and regulations.

Should I pay DH’s salary on monthly basis or in one lump sum when DH completes her contract?

It is under Labour Act that employer has to pay DH salary on time and on monthly basis into DH’s bank account. Paying in one lump sum is against the Act.

What are my duties and responsibilities as an employer?

As employer, you shall:-

  1. Provide DH with reasonable & ventilated room and basic amenities.
  2. Provide DH with basic toiletries likes shampoo, shower soap, sanitary pad & similar consumable products
  3. Provide DH with reasonable amount of food, 3 meals per day
  4. Provide DH with sufficient and un-disturb resting hours
  5. Provide DH with reasonable time to make call and communicate with their family member
  6. Provide DH with basic insurance coverage as per Malaysia Immigration requirement
  7. Provide DH with proper medical treatment & care
  8. Observe and respect the culture & believes of DH
  9. Observe and practice the terms and conditions stated in Employment contract of Malaysia Immigration department and Philippines Oversea Labour Department
  10. not deduct DH salary against any broken or damages cause by DH
  11. send DH to agency for clearance few days before return or repatriate DH back to their home country
  12. allows DH to remit their earned salary back home as they wish
  13. be patience and allowed sufficient time for DH to adopt and settle down. Note that this learning process may be time consuming as occasionally miscommunication due to slang, words and pronunciation
  14. And any other new requirements set by Malaysia Immigration department from time to time

What should I do if:-

My DH left without permission?

When this happen, you should calm down and double check whether is she outside your house or any other possible places she might be. Inform your agency, make police report as soon as possible if you failed to locate her. The main motive of police report is to ensure your interests are protected and Immigration department need a copy of report for Visa cancellation if case DH doesn’t not report back to your house within reasonable time.

My DH is emotionally disturbed or has psychological problems?

Most of the foreign workers include DH from time to time will get emotionally or feel home sick, the difference is at what level or how they managed & overcome it. SP-CM do provides counseling, just give us a call for further arrangement.

My maid need to send money home?

The most common and preferred way of DH is by Western Union, IME, Money gram etc. You can get this type of services in most of the Bank or money changer who is service provider’s appointed agent. Usually, this kindly of remittance only need recipient full name, address and contact number. And the recipient able to claim it within an hour after remittance.

I am an expatriate with working Visa issued by east Malaysia Immigration department, can I hiring DH from KL?
I wanted to have family trip & travel without my DH?

Leave your DH with SP-CM and enjoy your trip.

I want to renew my DH work permit before expiry?

Renewal of work permit is on yearly basis and it is employer responsibility to ensure the on time renewal. Immigration department allows employer to apply for DH renewal as early as 3 months before expiry. (subjected to change by immigration without prior notice)

I want send my DH to help in my office whenever needed?

As employer, you should strictly follow the terms & conditions stated in Immigration Employment Contract. Employer shall not require the DH to work or to be engage in any activities other than those related to household duties and limited to one house hold only.

I am a first timer and need to know how to manage my DH effectively?

Ideally, you have to work out a proper & systematic guideline, supervision plus two ways communication. For e.g., you should:-

  1. Communicate & interact more often with her, this help both you’ll to understand each other better and instruction can be delivered and understood fully.
  2. Come out with daily/weekly/monthly duties roster.
  3. Not presume that DH should know.
  4. Adjust and accept that DH need to fine tune and trained to your way and your expectation.

I am an expatriate with working Visa issued by east Malaysia Immigration department, can I hiring DH from KL?

You can hire a DH but from east Malaysia licensed agency only.

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